Cyber Fingerprint Profile: Norman Marnier Gates

Norman Gates Cyber Fingerprint Profile 
(An Ongoing Collection of Data)
The Investigator | JUNE 1, 2014



Subject’s LinkedIn profile clearly states that his AKA is @laughinpaulryan as well as currently a shareholder of Medical Marijuana, INC.  ( Stock- OTCMKTS: MJNA).  The Subject also appears to be responding to a recent “cease and desist” letter for the Client on which he posts his response on his lead LinkedIn Page:

“Saved a lot of folks a bunch of money and headaches with EXTREMELY valuable information and was featured in the Wall Street Journal finance section.

 Terra Tech has recently become aware of libelous statements made through multiple online sources. In particular a Seeking Alpha article written by an anonymous author, who admits to being short the company’s stock. The article makes numerous misrepresentations with respect to the company, its directors and officers. Terra Tech has already identified at least one individual responsible for the false statements made to the Clark County commissioners regarding Terra Tech as Norman Gates aka “@LaughinPaulRyan”, and has retained counsel to pursue him and anyone affiliated with, encouraging, or directing, his activities to the fullest extent permitted by law. These individuals or groups emailed county officials what the Company believes is false and misleading information in an attempt to affect the outcome at the Clark County hearings.”


Subject’s Facebook profile is aimed towards promoting his political views on medical marijuana rather than on personal items. The Investigative Team is currently attempting to gain access to the Subject’s “Friend” network in order to derive more pertinent intelligence from him and his associations as it pertains to the Client.  His two most avid followers are Ryan Stephens and Silence G. Smith who are currently being monitored.


Subject’s Twitter account is mainly used to draw attention to his articles on Facebook, Linked In and his personal website,  Subject is extremely active on Twitter which could cause major SEO problems for any Client statements countering the Subject’s sentiment.


From the author of the Seeking Alpha Article – Terra Tech: A Natural-Born Capital Killer, comes a real classy treat that blatantly waves it’s hand in the face of Terra Tech and the SEC. NMarnier: I’m Really Good at Stock Manipulation” is yet another fingerprint left behind by the shady trader known as Norman Gates (a.k.a. LaughinPaulRyan). This OkCupid profile, that was obviously forgotten about by the user, was discovered in early 2014 when Gates and Anson Fund began to poison the marijuana stock trade with propaganda and misinformation.

Just like in the Seeking Alpha article when Gates (article alias: The Emperor Has No Clothes) clearly stated that his intention was to “short the stock”; he again gloats these words on his OkCupid Profile saying:

“I’m really good at Stock manipulation and eating pussy, I hear…” (OkCupid, Norman Gates)




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