Why these three are trying to manipulate honest traders
The Investigator | AUGUST 25, 2014

For months we have seen Norman Gates of New Jersey constantly attacking Terra Tech Corp in an effort to bring its price down. (Yeah, this guy … According to Gates himself he states on InvestorsHub that he has an insider at a Canadian fund with regard to Terra Tech. That fund that Norman Gates is most likely working for is the Anson Fund of Toronto ( It gets better. Gates all of a sudden is a big fan of Dhar Mann who just happens to be attempting to sue TRTC. Now how is it that Gates, a mostly unemployed keyboard jockey in New Jersey so close with Mann? Well let’s break it down.

  1. Gates most likely was contacted by Anson Toronto by a guy named Sunny Puri.
  2. Sunny Puri has actively sought to drive the price down on TRTC as his fund is in a short position.
  3. Puri uses Gates to drum up anti-TRTC sentiment (among other stocks) to strengthen their short position.
  4. Gates, being a bit over zealous, amplifies the Dhar Mann case (which is questionable at best) in order to impress his employers up North.
  5. Mann encourages Gates by contacting him directly via email at and
  6. Meanwhile Puri, a Canadian, is desperately trying to influence State officials in the US against TRTC…not because TRTC is doing anything wrong, simply because Anson and Puri are short on their positions.

In this blogger’s opinion, this is the most horrible abuse of information for short profit gains we have ever seen. The sad part is that Gates is really nothing more than a stooge for Mann and Puri. Gates will take the fall while these two simply shrug their shoulders and say “Wasn’t me!” Why, because Gates is putting it all in writing…insider information, stock manipulation, etc etc….read his own words:

“All of my EXTREMELY valuable due diligence and scathing information from Canadian hedge funds tells me that Terra Tech Corp.”

Shareholders….these three will be memories for Terra Tech in a few months, but for now someone needs to hold them accountable. We trade in an open market because we believe in the companies we invest in. TRTC has a solid product, a solid business model, and an honest and reliable leadership team. They don’t participate in Gate-style activity (such as insulting Peterson’s wife???Really?). Let the markets role, don’t take shortcuts. And Anson, leave our markets alone unless you want to play fairly.



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