What Lies Beneath the “Truth” of Gates Camp

MMJ.Today Article is Seeking Alpha all over again.
theDelletrix | FEBRUARY 28, 2015

“Except for a few compelling differences…Seeking Alpha is a crowd sourced content service for financialmarkets that has been around for over ten years (MMJ.Today was formed this year), and, for the most part (with the exception of the “Natural-Born Capital Killer” article) has legitimate content to offer the reader. Oh yeah, and they have even taken the time to complete their webpage (as a credible professional news source often does)

MMJ.Today, the self-proclaimed marijuana mecca for “science unbound” doesn’t even have a single entry on its “science” page. Oh by the way – the “Lifestyle”, “Health”, and “Industry” pages are also blank. The only two pages with any root content is a small Canadian segment on the “Politics” page, and of course, the fictional bias of “Is Terra Tech Insolvent?” found on the “Business/Investing” page.

I would hardly call a company that was founded this year, and whose web page has 4 out of 6 sections completely blank, a reputable source of information.

Other interesting details about the credibility (or lack thereof) of MMJ.Today:

• Has a url/domain that was just recently put into play on February 9th, 2015 (Who.is –http://who.is/whois/http://www.mmj.today)

• Has a LinkedIn and Facebook profile that were both recently created in 2015 (https://www.linkedin.com/company/mmj-today, https://www.facebook.com/science.unbound/timeline)

• Has a Twitter page (that was also created in 2015) that has a very familiar character on the MMJ.TodayTwitter “Following” list (i.e. – who we all have the misfortune of knowing). (https://twitter.com/MMJ_TODAY/following)

Remember – form your own opinion…but I suggest you do so with the use of authentic due diligence and fact, not fiction…”

Maria Delgado


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